yorktown memorial hospital nuns

I feel that some of the folks that are still there would rather not be, which breaks my heart.

Dr. Norwierski was one of the main medical professionals at the facility. In life, her favorite book was “The Poky Little Puppy” and she had the nuns read it to her often. The Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church are the ones that planned and built Yorktown Memorial Hospital. It’s unclear how something like a throat-slitting could be an “accident,” but maybe he should get the benefit of the doubt. The Felician Sisters, a group of nuns affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church (which has been present in Yorktown since its settlement) operated the hospital.

Unfortunately, this didn’t mean patients were the safest under his watch and hand.

The building itself is made up of about 30,000 sq ft, which includes a basement and two wings on either side. With roughly 2000 recorded deaths on the property, the chance of witnessing a spirit of one of those is pretty high! Paranormal news, articles, real ghost stories, UFO, aliens and everything from A to Z of the unexplained, strange & odd. It seems the back door buzzer was broken, and nobody answered – and then they found this poor young man’s dead body on the back stoop the next day. If I ever visit this location, I honestly would try to move on the ones that wanted to go. His shade is seen in the back hallway near the back door, where nobody came to help him. Since she loved story time, she can be enticed by sitting in the library reading her favorite book. The Felician Sisters themselves are said to still be in the hospital – or at least an entity masquerading as the nuns is there. All that is really known about him is that he was a heavy equipment mechanic who somehow died there in ’73. Both of their blood is spread over the walls of the basement.

The story goes that there was a love triangle between a female employee, a co-worker, and a patient. In both cases, the woman was caught in the boiler room with one lover by the other, and the one who caught the two reacted viciously. Paranormal groups have asked for him by shouting his name. Another widely seen apparition is the heart-breaking entity named “TJ”. Nobody knows if that’s his real name, but the apparition seems to be the ghost of an addict who came to the back door of the hospital needing help. One of the ghosts is a man by the name of Doug Richards. One sister has been seen in different spots around the building, and photos of her in her habit have been caught as well. There’s no factual information that I found as to what actually happened and who was involved, but there are at least two accounts of two people ending up dead from stabbing each other down in the boiler room. Wilmington, DE, US, 19809 The EVP said “Get to the hallway. The hospital is also a host to other, less-identified apparitions and spirits. The total number of recorded deaths at Yorktown Memorial is around 2000. Up in the nuns corridors, the second floor of the Yorktown Memorial Chapel, there have been reports of a spirit of a nun who chokes people. Some of you ghost geeks out there may have seen televised investigations of Yorktown Memorial on various cable television networks. Many Patients Never Checked Out By the time of his retirement, he held the oldest medical license in Texas. One article I found stated that the hospital lost 500 patients in a six-year-span, which, to those of us who don’t know, is extremely high. Honest mistake? If the hospital was really running short of staff and that caused terrible standards of patient care, it’s likely that many of the people who died there didn’t have to – or at least died earlier than they had to. It was a catholic hospital and some of the nuns were even nurses themselves. However, the building seems to remain active with spirits.

While each definitely has its own hometown charm, Yorktown, Texas, offers a bit extra. An apparition of a nun in full habit has been seen many times in various areas of the hospital, and it’s said that people who visit who also have tattoos have been choked, scratched, or rushed presumably by the strict nuns. Why not experience first-hand the paranormal goings-on at Yorktown Hospital with all the equipment and the know-how!? It was a catholic hospital and some of the nuns were even nurses themselves. Founded by the religious group known as the “ Felician Sisters ” that were part of the Roman Catholic Church in 1950, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital originally served as a rehabilitation center for those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. Many of his patients entering the operating rooms under his care alive, didn’t come back out the same way. The reputation of the hospital, despite being run by a rather large religious institution, hasn’t been the best. All kinds of accidents happened on these rigs. Now – I know what you’ve been waiting for, very patiently, though all this backstory. The man she was with managed to wrestle the knife away from the attacker and ended up stabbing him to death, either in retaliation or self-defense. He died from a heroin overdose and is said to be one of the spirits that haunts the hospital.

Built in 1950 by nuns, it definitely looks its age. Woman Hollering Creek: The Weeping Woman of Saint Hedwig, TX, The Crying Girl of Matz Street and the Ghost of Heritage Haus. The land between San Antonio and the Gulf of Mexico is peppered with tiny, albeit simply adorable, towns. According to some, the book was actually a gift given to her by none other than Dr. Norwierski, with a note from him written on the inside for her. It’s still rich in oil as of today. Some think that the dolls are a way for Stacy or spirits of other children to talk. During its time as a drug rehabilitation facility, a young man, some call him TJ, came to the establishment seeking help. The Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church are the ones that planned and built Yorktown Memorial Hospital. In its 40 year history, the hospital has had about 2,000 deaths. From orbs to shadow men, nearly everything has been caught on camera at this haunted location. It served as a portal to life and death. After its shutdown in the 80s, it opened once again to become a drug rehabilitation center until 1988.

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