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)), catclaw acacia, and paloverde. Habitat relations of rodents in the Hualapai Mountains of northwestern Arizona.

Also called pack rats, these rodents are very similar to other rats but have a furry tail. The animal lives mostly in the Upper and Lower Sonoran life zones, occurring from pinyon-juniper woodland in higher country to desert habitats at lower elevations. The most commonly used building materials included mesquite, catclaw acacia, paloverde, desert ironwood (Olneya tesota), and creosotebush twigs; cholla joints and fruits; portions of prickly-pear where it was abundant; and juniper, pinyon pine, and oak twigs where they were abundant. [22], Descriptions of the home range of the white-throated woodrat are lacking. [18], Predators of white-throated woodrat include weasels (Mustela spp. The home range of 1 immature female white-throated woodrat on the Coconino National Forest, Arizona, was 47,760 ft2 (4,437 m2). Wood Rat: These rats are usually referred to as ‘pack rats’ due to their habit of collecting a variety of materials and objects to create their nests. [23], In the Lower Sonoran zone of Arizona and New Mexico, white-throated woodrats commonly used the bases of catclaw acacia for shelter. [16][17][18][20][36] White-throated woodrats typically use 2 types of shelter: houses, constructed at the base of plants, and dens in rock crevices.

Goodwin, John G., Jr.; Hungerford, C. Roger. Rodent populations and their impact on desert rangelands. In biology, animals are classified according to what relates them with each other.

Mammalian Species, No. Courtesy of Terrell P. Salmon and Oshkosh, WI: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. The mesquite bosque was dominated by velvet mesquite, catclaw acacia, and broom snakeweed. [7], Cover near the ground is an important criterion for white-throated woodrat shelter sites. They have large ears, big black eyes, and are a grayish-brown color. Wildlife, Montana Field Guide, and USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station. The WoodRat holds the wood firmly beneath the router, and can track it left and right into the path of the bit. Ninety-one dens were located under boulders >7 feet (2 m) in diameter, and 12 dens were located under boulders <7 feet in diameter.

[7] Dens function as houses but are located in rock crevices, rock fissures, and under boulder piles. Cornely, J. E., and R. J. Baker. 2005. Superfamily Muroidea. Brown, James H. 1968. [7][14][18] Of 30 white-throated woodrat dens found in Doña Ana County, New Mexico, 77% contained stored food. ), which maintained a high year-round water content. inches long and 11 ounces) being the largest. Trap bait should be wedged into, or tied, to the treadle. White-throated woodrats construct houses at the base of live and dead fallen juniper trees in pinyon-juniper woodlands in Arizona,[7] New Mexico,[31] Utah,[16] and Texas. grayish, bellies.

Mexican Woodrat, The Mammals of Texas, online edition -. 135.

[7][20][22][23] When available, rocks are preferred by white-throated woodrats for shelter because they provide more protection from variations in ambient temperature than the base of plants.[17][18][36]. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology.

[17][36], Houses are built by white-throated woodrats at the base of trees, shrubs, and cacti[14][17][18][36][37] or in piles of coarse woody debris. in bait boxes, but woodrats tend to fill boxes with sticks and other debris.

[23] The base of pinyons are occasionally used. [38] In Joshua Tree National Monument, California, young white-throated woodrats establish their own dens by August and September, several months after birth. The Peterson Field Guide Series No. new objects in their environment. [3] Populations east of the Rio Grande in New Mexico and Trans-Pecos Texas, previously considered to be variants of the white-throated woodrat, have since 1988 been assigned to the white-toothed woodrat (Neotoma leucodon).[4]. . Bushy Tailed Woodrat The bushy-tailed woodrat (Neotoma cinerea) is one representative of the rodent family Muridae - the native rats and mice - in Rocky Mountain National Park. Musser, G. G., and M. D. Carleton. [7][17][18][20][22][23] Of 100 white-throated woodrat houses found on the Santa Rita Experimental Range, 75 different items were used for construction. been observed in longer periods of warmth. [7][16][18][19][20][22][23][24], White-throated woodrats prefer habitat with low tree canopy cover,[25][26][27] high shrub[25][28] and rock cover,[13][25][28][29][30] and coarse woody debris.

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