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We cannot find anything that can concretely answer the question “Is Hisoka a pedophile?” but fans are divided when it comes to the topic. Hisoka Morow While Chrollo did defeat Hisoka, it must be noted that he had put in a tremendous amount of preparation to pull this off, and even he acknowledged that. Hisoka asks Gon about his Nen, and guesses that Gon is an Enhancer type. His teacher, Wing, states Gon's potential could possibly make him one of the greatest Hunters ever. He explains he gave Hisoka an edge because he didn't want Gon to die in the arena. Episode Guide Prenatural Perception: Hisoka has proven to be able to sense not only the presence, but also the position of people hidden with Zetsu, even Kalluto’s, whose degree of proficiency at it is described by Machi as being perfect. [12] His first match is against Kurapika. His character is an enigma that speaks little of his past, because he is uninterested in it. Hisoka has a murderous tendency who likes challenges and is sexually aroused by them. He does not care for what has happened in the past, as he is only interested in what could be amusing to him in the future or present.

Departure! Hisoka tricks Gon by making him look to his right and a large stone hits Gon, resulting in knockdown points which gave Hisoka the victory. [10] Having obtained the necessary number of plates, Hisoka qualifies for the Final Phase. Hisoka knocks him down and whispers something to him.

When not working or watching Anime, she can be found highlighting the mundanities of life through her poetry. Illumi Zoldyck, who was estimated by the magician to be even more formidable than some Zodiacs, was wary of crossing Hisoka. The announcer thinks Hisoka didn't feel Gon's attack and questions the referee's decision. He has no problems killing anyone regardless of age or sex; however, he only kills people who are in his way or those he deems “worthy.” As such, his character is more simply amoral than flat out evil. During the dodge ball game, he was injured by Razor’s powerful shots and throws but in the end their collective effort prevails and it’s Hisoka who helps the team achieve an absolute victory by forcing Razor out of the court, at the cost of 10 broken fingers. He can plan whole battles beforehand and prepare his victory right after the get-go. And in Hisoka's official spin-off, it's even more visible. Although his rank indicates that he's someone with high strength, Meleoron was actually weak and he considered himself to be on the same level as a Chimera Ant foot soldier. He uses multiple explosive puppets to blast and kill Hisoka. He uses Chrollo’s name to enter the game, which catches Gon’s and Killua’s attention and they, together with Goreinu and Biscuit, use a spell card to get to him while he was bathing inside a lake. Nonetheless, Kalluto isn't one to be underestimated. It is quite clear that Nobunaga would be no match for adult Gon. During the Yorknew City arc in the manga, Hisoka dyes his hair light green. • Battle Couple• Villainous Crush• Opposites Attract• Not So Different• Love Makes You Crazy• Mad Love• There Are No Coincidences• Fate Drives Us Together. After his good enough punch, Gon gives Hisoka his pin back.

Voiced by: Rica Matsumoto (1998 film, Japanese), Junko Takeuchi (1999 series, Japanese), Elinor Holt (1999 series, English), Megumi Han (2011 series, Japanese), Erica Mendez (2011 series, English) Also Read: Trolls Poppy Doll Controversy – Pedophilia, Cultural Appropriation, Facts Right Here! RELATED: 10 Best Hunter X Hunter Cosplays That Look Exactly Like The Characters. He failed the previous year’s exam after nearly killing a proctor he did not approve of. Other than his fearsome strength, agility, and endurance, Hisoka is endowed with a powerful, sinister aura. He has a nasty habit of skipping out on Spider meetings. Dakimakuras are famous in Japan and among people who love anime culture.

Gon goes along with his plan, finally taking the pin from him and Hisoka looks at him really amazed. He secretly rates the Hunters on the scene using a scale of his own and is apparently quite happy with the power of some members of the Zodiacs:Kanzai, Ginta and Piyon. Though blows still damage him, it doesn’t slow him down or incapacitate him. Hisoka is also capable of using Ren, Gyo, and Ken, which allowed him to survive multiple explosions of The Sun and Moon. Hisoka is a Transmuter who also seems to be well versed in Enhancement andConjuration. Illumi suddenly releases a murderous aura and warns him. But the antagonist of the manga and anime Hisoka also has a problematic history, leading people to ask, “Is Hisoka a Pedophile?”. As Hisoka states, based on his way of classifying auras due to their personality, Enhancers are simple and earnest; Transmuters, which Hisoka belongs to, are fickle and dishonest; Emitters are short-tempered; Specialists are independent; Conjurers are high-strung; and lastly, Manipulators are argumentative. Now, imagine how they would feel about buying dakimakura featuring the character. Gon answers immediately and chooses no. Hisoka and Gon first met during the Hunter Exam. He is the author of some of the articles here that you liked, and others that you didn't. Part of his strength is said to derive from the fact he does not hesitate to kill. Hisoka loves to fight against the strong, and therefore, he had been longing to battle against the leader of the Phantom Troupe. HisoGon In the manga and 2011 adaption however, it is only said that he named both of his techniques after a candy brand and a chewing gum brand he liked when he was a kid.[1]. After that, Hisoka tells Gon he passed (Hisoka's own exam).

[26], Hisoka’s smile while teaming up with Machi, The next day, he has an unexpected meeting with Gon and Killua after the two were captured and brought to the Troupe’s hideout but they pretend not to know each other. You must be logged in to post a comment. [36] After arriving at the exchange site,[37] he reveals to Chrollo his fake membership status and challenges him to a duel, but to his great disappointment, Chrollo can no longer use Nen. The loss of a leg prevents the latter from escaping to the ceiling who therefore dies in the explosion. Hisoka is portrayed as entirely self-serving, self-absorbed, and selfish; he does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him in some way. He was able to deduce Kastro’s double ability by simply allowing himself to get hit, even though Killua, a highly intelligent fighter himself, could not figure it out. Even if he trains for all his life, him being able to match Adult Gon is nigh impossible. Hisoka has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. His attire is usually adorned with various suit symbols on the front and back torso, and he changes outfits in each story arc. Excited by his feat, Gon is soon after ambushed and temporarily paralyzed by Geretta, who just so happens to be Hisoka’s designed target. Mostly because of Hisoka's crush on Gon, but not only. [31], On September 4, Chrollo tries the Lovely Ghostwriter ability he stole from Neon on the other members of the Phantom Troupe. As usual, Hisoka only replies in a playful manner that he would like that.

It is then revealed that he provoked Illumi on purpose to let Killua know his location because he too wants Gon to be saved.

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