where is srirasmi suwadee now

Photo: EPA. The designation of a “royal noble consort” shocked Thailand. In March 2012 permission from the Justice Department was published in the Royal Gazette for a temporary prison. It adds that he has no known connection with his mother, Srirasmi, having been ditched by  the king and essentially held under house arrest. One supposed reason why the army seized power six years ago was to ensure a steady succession between the ninth and tenth monarchs of the Chakri dynasty. For the 2021 fiscal year government agencies have drawn up budgets which allocate more than 37bn baht—over $1.1bn—to the monarchy. Some of it: The king recently delivered his New Year homily with a straight face. He also stated that royals should stay out of politics—yet the night before the election, he urged Thais to vote for “good people”, which was taken as an endorsement of Mr Prayuth and his allies. In 2001 a business chancer and mobile phone billionaire, Thaksin Shinawatra, later the owner of Manchester City FC, swept to power with his Thai Rak Thai party promising a populist agenda including reform of health and education. Her house is made as unpleasant as possible.

“She did not understand royal traditions and acted defiantly towards Their Majesties. At the Paris rally, the musicians played some satirical songs full of political nuances about King Rama X, who succeeded his father in 2016. Why has the army permitted such manoeuvres? But “decency”? Learning She was later elevated to the rank of princess, but his wife and their sons were stripped of their royal titles and they all now live in the US. Also a part of this saga: a tiny poodle in army fatigues. It also quotes Tamara Loos, professor of history and Thai studies at Cornell University, who  says: … the king is sending a message that goes beyond just falling out with his mistress.

She disappeared from view. His three previous marriages all ended in bitterness and some of them in terror. The hashtag #IslandsShutDown appears to be trending on Thai Twitterverse by Thursday afternoon, where many users criticize the local authorities for causing disruption to the public. It must be emphasized that those charged with lese majeste for “fraud” or “personal interest” probably include several who were previously related to the palace and the king’s third wife, Srirasmi, who has been under house arrest since late 2014. In 2018, the palace published photos of its birthday party with its German classmates. In addition, she ordered people to comply with her personal wishes without accountability, saying she had received royal orders to act on His Majesty’s behalf.”.

King Vajiralongkorn’s political interventions are another demonstration of his growing authority. All images of Sineenat were erased from the palace website, and an unofficial Instagram account with her name was shut down.

This is far from King Vajiralongkorn's first controversial act of 2020. Most of the wealth resides in land; ownership of some four square miles of central Bangkok makes the Thai monarchy the world’s wealthiest by a large margin. In Thailand the monarchy is integral to the country’s real power structures.

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