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what happened to metajets

He has the authority to lock down Metajets weapon system remotely. He hopes his father will return while continuing to look for him. MetaJets is a Canadian-South Korean-American-British animated television show produced by Cookie Jar Group and Sunwoo Entertainment. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During an unsanctioned race between Trey and Johnny at ground level slum, the match was interrupted by a Metajets summon. During Johnny's presence in ARC-1, An attack against ARC-1 was launched by General Raven. In Canada, MetaJets premiered on October 3, 2010 on Teletoon.

(source). The story is set in 2067 where much of the earth has suffered from flooding due to global warming; the central characters are a group of young pilots involved in the sport of aeronautical racing. Zachary Kim/Zak (잭): A top-10 ARC racer at the last season. Metajets. General Raven (레이븐 장군): Originally a top ARC racer, he received a lifetime ban from racing after sabotaging competitor leading to a near fatal crash.

Johnny followed Trey's path into ARC-1 and discovered Trey, Maggie, Zak, George's Metajets connection. Crusher (크러셔): A Black Cloud fighter jet pilot. pilots are teens Trey, Maggie, Zak and newcomer Johnny. He is also compassionate and caring. He is always looking out for his teammates and is a somewhat stragety person always thinking in battle.

Johnny Miller has a can-do it attitude as well as being a cunning pilot. https://metajets.fandom.com/wiki/Metajets_Wiki?oldid=3970. Foxtrot's Metajet: A jet with solar weapon. Captain Strong (캡틴 스트롱)/George Strong: Chairman of ARC and Metajets leader. Fly Girl/Fly-Girl (플라이걸): A Black Cloud fighter jet pilot. Following the final ARC race of the season, the frozen Raven was seen in a jar maintained by Dr. Lucas. Black Cloud Airship/Raven's Nest: A Black Cloud flagship. In a Soaring Height ground duel against Ace, Ace fired at an undetonated missile behind Raven, triggering an explosion that freezes Raven. After failing to convince Fly-Girl and Crusher to manually detonate bombs at Soaring Heights following a delay on bomb timer set by Zak, Raven was persuaded by Viper to fight against Metajets at the front line. Off the track is a different story. Jack Miller: Johnny Miller's father. Vector's Metajet: A jet with sonic weapon. In Canada it was offered from 2017-2018 via Kids Suite from Bell Satellite TV. In 2067, ten years after the Black Cloud war, the world's most powerful cities have been sent to the skies. Metajets is a 2009 action animated series written by Peter Lenkov. Following the battle, George recruited Johnny as Metajets agent. It includes a liquid nitrogen-based weapon system.

100% Upvoted. When Viper fired 2 missiles at Burner's jet, Johnny used his jet to take the hit for Burner. It is another in a string of Canadian series borrowed by Cartoon Network. There they become Burner, Foxtrot, Vector and Ace - an elite flying team known as the Metajets. Johnny decided to leave ARC-1 and enter the battle. As a Black Cloud leader, he attempts to take revenge against Captain Strong and the ARC. This thread is archived. During an unsanctioned race between Trey and Johnny at ground level slum, the match was interrupted by a Metajets summon. World Council President: Leader of World Council. Mental Block Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 21:00.

Under the command of Captain Strong, the Metajets transform their lightning fast race jets into battle-ready flyers.

He also looks up to his father, a former Metajets pilot, who disappeared while on a mission. Katara tries to heal him, but Jet stops her and tells the Gaang to move on because he would be all right. Johnny Miller (강한결): Joined ARC tournament when George Strong invited him to be an ARC racer. On the track these four care about one thing only, winning. Literally none.

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