vz 33 bayonet

On 14 August the Ministry of Defence ordered the three new machines to conduct military tests and long distance road travel from Prague to Ceske Budejovice and back again. The first thing that I do on any of my vehicles is always the green base colour. 22 tankettes were allocated to the drivers of Motorised Battalion 11 and were transferred in January 1944 to the Military Training headquarters for allocation to the National Defence Guard. The blade and crosspiece have a phosphate finish. After the rebellion was crushed by the Germans they confiscated the four remaining vz.33 tankettes; three in Zlatovice from the Corps Vehicle Pool and one from Pioneer Battalion No.11 in Nove Mesto nad Vahom.

So there we have it; a summarised history of these little tin coffins on treads. The foreign service however only received one piece which was the one that became a gift for the Persian Shah. 1895 carbines of the Czechoslovak četnictvo (gendarmerie). This included the power units and other items from the Praga cars or armaments. VZ–24 bayonets were made by Československá zbrojovka a.s., Brno. FoW: Slovak Anti Aircraft Artillery - 2cm VKPL vz.... FoW: Slovak Artillery - 7.5cm vz.15 Mountain Gun b... FoW: Slovak Artillery - 15cm vz.25 battery, HeresyBrush - Blog de modelismo y aerografía, Como pintar tropas de montaña alemanas (Gebirsjägers). At the beginning of 1941 all Model 1933 Tankettes were transferred to the Ministry of Defence's reserve depot and placed into storage. In May 1939 after the first Slovak reorganisations of their forces the 1st Battalion of the Slovak Armoured Regiment had four tankettes assigned to it with registration numbers 13.462 to 13.465. The new tankettes and its accessories arrived in Prague on 10 March 1930, followed by the first public demonstration rides conducted in front of representatives of the army across Duletin Meadow. All factors resulted in excessive wear and frequent failure. Click on the photo at left to see a new-made VZ–23 bayonet exported to Persia (Iran). [1], After World War 2 captured Gewehr 33/40 were used by the Norwegian police.

Cross country capability was low, firing potential was limited and communications between crew members and vehicles within the platoon, even with the help of flags and signals was extremely compromised. The main paint scheme of the tankettes is done by airbrush using my MIG Aircobra for the Priming and Basecoating and my Harder & Steenbeck for all of the shading and highlighting as my H&S has a 0.15 needle and provides a hell of a lot more control... but the MIG is SOOOOO easy to clean it just makes sense to use it where I can... i) The model is primed with a Matt Black Etch Primer, ii) The basecoat is Tamiya's XF-58's Olive Green, iii) The first highlight is LifeColors UA221 Khaki Olive Drab applied in a panel highlight fashion, iv) The second highlight is LifeColors UA224 Olive Drab Faded Type 2 applied as above but a bit lighter and gathered in along the edges and prominent areas. [3] Mexico[10] and Colombia ordered some in 7×57mm Mauser. blade of the VZ–23 bayonet be shortened by 100 mm., resulting in the VZ–24 bayonet with its 300 mm.

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