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Also, in “Trump’s Date with Fate” published on 14th October 2020: “The lunar nodes behave like traveling ambassadors for any eclipse. The only way House Democrats can quickly get the unredacted full Mueller Report with grand jury information is if they start the Trump impeachment in June / July this year, otherwise they will be waiting for months, perhaps years to get the full version of the Mueller Report. There will be another major astrology update at this point. Saturn will become more malefic after it goes retrograde on April 29th. House Democrats are little bit skeptical right now to start Trump impeachment because they don’t have enough votes in the Senate to convict and remove Donald Trump. Corporate America was able to keep the stock market high, with surge in stock buybacks, with the tax cuts money they received. I still think that after September 24, when Rahu leaves Gemini sign and enters Taurus sign will be a big relief. Once we enter global recession next summer, Donald Trump’s approval ratings will plummet to about 25 %, and Trump will be very vulnerable to impeachment. ( Log Out /  I do not think he has an honest path to victory. We are now in challenging times as we move forward into 2019. For example, any horoscope applied to the US elections on 3rd November 2020 will show the transiting moon is in Gemini, and cannot show that the key lunar influence will derive from the two weeks Taurus full moon period (23rd Oct – 8th Nov 2020). Trump is going to be under so much scrutiny that it will be impossible for him to deliver any favors to Russia, such as lifting of sanctions etc. Astrology Of Joe Biden So, the big question is how will Joe Biden perform in the upcoming US Election. Almost Everybody right now thinks Donald Trump will be impeached in the House and acquitted in the Senate Trial. I receive tons of encouraging emails from people all over the world who read my astrology article / updates on my ‘Donald Trump | 2020 Presidential Election Astrology’ article every day. Caution for Biden: The Trump – Russia investigation has already entered the inner circle of Donald Trump with the arrest of Paul Manafort. I still think Rod Rosenstein will not be fired, because Trump does not gain anything by firing Rosenstein. This has further depressed the powers of the Moon and hence the decision-making capabilities of Trump. In 2019 we will be dealing with global recession, stock market crash, Trump impeachment and war with North Korea, all at same time. Of course, from Trump’s perspective, he would prefer the south node to eclipse his 7th house opponent (Joe Biden), and this must also be factored into any astrological predictions of who will win the election. Describe your plans to fix the economy and high unemployment? In my opinion Trump will again go through challenging time in June, July and August this year, but there is no chance of impeachment /removal from office before summer of 2019. Senate Republicans are beginning to publicly distance themselves from the president. Will trump be able to retain his position & get re-elected as the US President? President. Jupiter will help Donald Trump delay the release of his taxes, delay the subpoenas issued by Congress, delay the whistleblower report etc., only up to November 4, 2019, as Jupiter in Scorpio sign is aspecting Donald Trump’s natal Sun and natal Rahu in Taurus sign and transiting natal Moon and natal Ketu in Scorpio sign, Jupiter will only help Donald Trump up to November 4, 2019.

It seems like Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani know by now that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has evidence of Russia Collusion, that is why Rudy Giuliani is trying to spread this word ‘Collusion is not a crime”. So many cabinet team members have been fired, and some resigned voluntarily from their cabinet positions during past 8 months. Trump will look even more guilty in the eyes of the public. We will see John Bolton on TV channels, promoting his book in March 2020. But according to Trump’s astrology chart more health problems are indicated this month, especially when Sun will enter Libra sign after October 16, 2020.

Remember Donald Trump wanted former FBI Director James Comey to let Flynn investigation go. For example, in sports, whoever gets the most points, wins. The next round of indictments we may see by December 2, otherwise the final round of indictments will come through in the month of January 2019. This has made the US lose valuable time, and plausibly increased the harm the virus can cause to Americans. Rahu and Ketu are approaching the ascendant degree and the 7th house cusp. In my opinion Donald Trump is the biggest threat to our Democracy, completely unfit for the position of the President of the United States. But we all know any incumbent President has lot of tools available to cheat and sabotage the election, if they want to. Mitch McConnell just blocked the vote on the release of full Mueller Report second time. But the problem is many of them are compromised in the past by Russian money or laundered Russian money to their re-election campaigns! China is raising tariffs on $60 billion of US goods starting June 1. Nobody, that includes astrologers, political pundits, financial market gurus had any clue that we will be attacked by COVID-19, and stock market will crash in March 2020. My astrology prediction on war between June 2019 and April 2020 also came correct. Things will become even more difficult for Donald Trump after September 24 this year, when Rahu and Ketu will change signs. Prediction given by me more than 2 years ago. So the Jaimini Navamsa analysis again confirms the same negative events which we discussed earlier. Thanks a lot, sir for a detailed write-up, so much to learn in Astrology. House Democrats may file the articles of Impeachment around this eclipse time. Cancer sign is the 12th house in the horoscope of Mr. Trump, which shows all kinds of miseries, losses & expenditure. Moderators must ask the following three questions to the Presidential Candidates during presidential debates: 1. I found it very funny. A full-blown Trade War is just about to begin, as Donald Trump imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum from Europe, Mexico and Canada. These 10 days are very critical for the Trump Russia investigation according to Donald Trump’s astrology chart. Donald Trump’s former associate Roger Stone was arrested early Friday morning and charged with seven counts, brought by special counsel Robert Mueller. Trump’s decisions are sometimes irrational. It is Jupiter that is causing him all the troubles. In my opinion the Trump impeachment will go to House floor between November 4, 2019 and April 1, 2020. There are many Trump – Russia investigations that are underway concurrently at this moment. Ardra (Rahu)      Jupiter Mar 11, 2020 to April 14, 2020 Earthquakes, War, Recession etc. I do not see so many people dying in this positive period, coronavirus will be either contained or they will find a vaccine for it during this period. Trump and McConnell may already have list of candidates that they know will be acceptable to Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, and can pass the nomination process quickly before the 2018 mid-term election. Now we understand why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi waited for almost 4 weeks before sending the Articles of Impeachment to Senate. Let us see how this thing will play out for Trump. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. These explosive events took place just hours before the start of the Trump Impeachment Senate Trial, while Saturn and Pluto were in conjunction in final degrees in Sagittarius sign in Vedic Astrology.

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