tuxedo button quail

Both birds below are female. They are capable of making the “pew pew pew contact call but it does sound different than a crow  and you should be able to hear the difference once you have both genders. Be sure the incubator is in a conditioned space such as a spare bed room and not near a window where the sun shining thru the window will hit the incubator and cause the temperature to fluctuate. #5 Cinnamon golden pearl Female X Normal Tuxedo Male, #6 Red Breasted Female (carries silver) X Silver Red Breasted Male, #7 Cinnamon Tuxedo  Female X Cinnamon Tuxedo Male, #15 Cinnamon, golden pearl, red breasted Female X Normal Male, #17 Cinnamon red breasted female with slate male, #18 Blueface female (#1) X Silver Red Breasted Male (no photo yet), #21 Silver red breasted female X Slate tuxedo male. They have a more slender build and are usually smaller than females.

Always keep plenty of food and water in front of them and every few days drop the temperature down by 2 degrees until you get down to the room temperature they are going to be staying in. #3 Single factor slate (silver blue face) pair. With several colors in between.

Button Quail are the smallest of all quail, maturing out at only 3 1/2″ tall. #5 Cinnamon golden pearl Female X Normal Tuxedo Male #6 Red Breasted Female (carries silver) X Silver Red Breasted Male #7 Cinnamon Tuxedo Female X Cinnamon Tuxedo… Also place a piece of paper towel covered with a small pile of 28% gamebird starter food. #20 Blueface female X red breasted male (unusual, has the RB gene with black face mask but very minimal red on him).

A bit hard to describe but it seems like they are revving up right before crowing. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. As the little ones can jump out of the incubator quick as lightening, so if you have it setting inside of that short box, you have a 2nd chance at catching them before they get away. If the dents are not major go ahead and still try to hatch them. Most males have red or pink vent feathers. The Pharaoh, for example, is an exceptional layer, producing about 300 eggs a year. Put a small 1 by 3 inch piece of sponge in the incubator so that it does not inhibit the movement of the rotating rack, keep the sponge pretty moist until the eggs are ready to be put into hatcher. BEGINNER HEN BARN SET UP FOR EGG PRODUCTION. Tuxedo quail is obtained by crossing English black and white quails. With several colors in between. Note that if you are using the incubator as their home, open up the observation windows a small amount so that fresh air can get into their container. Change ), photos of their chicks (if photos are available) here. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ( Log Out /  Once the chicks have hatched (note that most of the eggs will hatch within a few hours of each other) and their down looks dry you can either move them to a nursery setting or leave them in the incubator, keeping the temperature at 98 degrees for their first week. #22 Slate golden pearl female X “Darth Vader” Red breasted male (extremely nice with very high levels of red!). Red Breasted Button Quail Hen with red tail feather edging. Current Breeding Pair Gallery: Updated: 8/1/15 Some photos of my button quail breeding pairs (left to right): #3 Single factor slate (silver blue face) pair. Most people purchase the eggs and they are mailed to you. Put in a small container of water, I use a mayonnaise jar lid with small pebbles or 1/2 glass marbles in it to keep the little ones from drowning as they will fall asleep any where.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Females lay eggs and they start doing this around 6-8 weeks of age. A mark on one side of each egg will help you know that you have rotated them. You want them to “trip” over the food so that they start pecking and eating. They are easy to keep as adult birds and fairly easy to hatch using some simple procedures. They normally don’t have bibs although there are a few mutations that may show one (usually not the bright white the males have though). In many color mutations, the male will have a  white bib at the throat area. Upon receiving your eggs, gently unbox them checking for cracks or dents. If you don’t have a separate hatcher, you can use the incubator, quickly remove the turning rack placing a pre cut piece of rubber shelf matting in the bottom of the incubator and put the eggs back in the incubator on the matting then do not disturb until they hatch. ( Log Out / 

Female is slate pearl.

Young button quail are usually identifiable as male or female somewhere between 3 and 6 weeks.

Right to your local Post office! Bachelor males who are interested in a female will make a rrrrrrrrrrr sound…it sort of sounds like rushing wind. Start to crow and make a pew pew pew call (the crow  is much more drawn out/long noted). Button Quail are the smallest of all quail, maturing out at only 3 1/2″ tall. They come in a variety of colors from their native wild color to a tuxedo (pied) to a solid white. After the first week, I would suggest that you have a short box that is about 5 inches wider on each side than the incubator that you can set the incubator into. You may have to go by behavior and body structure for white birds, some tuxedos, and for some blueface combinations. ( Log Out /  They come in a variety of colors from their native wild color to a tuxedo (pied) to a solid white.

Males will do a little dance to court females which involves running around them and  hanging their wings downs. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

They may also offer the female a choice piece of food such as a mealworm in hopes of winning her favor.

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