roman roads in suffolk

Roman road. Worsted Street, or Wool Street, from Wixoe to Cambridge. Although most routes were unpaved tracks, some British tribes had begun engineering roads during the first century BC.[2]. Roman Roads in Britain, I.D.

Some suggestions given. (No record type): Margary, I.D.. 1967. Roman Roads in Britain, Codrington, 1903/1918. google_ad_height = 90;

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The earliest roads, built in the first phase of Roman occupation (the Julio-Claudian period, AD 43–68), connected London with the ports used in the invasion (Chichester and Richborough), and with the earlier legionary bases at Colchester, Lincoln (Lindum), Wroxeter (Viroconium), Gloucester and Exeter.

The Roman line and modern A140 coincide beyond the end of Scole Bypass until Yaxley where again a modern bypass leave the Roman route. The tax would be exacted when the goods crossed fixed toll points along the roads, which likely were located in or near mansiones. [6] However, there are numerous tracts of Roman road which have survived, albeit overgrown by vegetation, in the visible form of footpaths through woodland or common land, such as the section of Stane Street crossing Eartham Wood in the South Downs near Bignor (Sussex). First section of this road located and a suggestion for its destination.

Boudica to Raedwald, East Anglia's Relations with Rome, John Fairclough, 2010. Roman Coloniae, Municipia and Vici in the UK. The old road, on or close to the Roman line, heading towards the Waveney Bridge, is now bypassed. These were ascribed following the end of Roman rule in Britain (during the period known as the Early Middle Ages). google_ad_width = 120;

Roman roads were built by quarrying along either side and compacting the upcast into a bank, or agger, in the centre to form the foundation of the road, the surface of which was then often metalled in some form or other. Many settlements were founded on or near Roman roads (suffix -street e.g. The foundations of the road had been laid directly onto a de-turfed land surface, and so a buried soil survived, from which it was possible to find molluscan evidence for the kind of local environment into which the road was built. Normally forts tended to be reduced in size over time but in this case perhaps the revolt necessitated a larger fort. Wixoe to Braintree, Route Discovered. Prior to the Roman conquest of Britain, pre-Roman Britons mostly used unpaved trackways for travel. The original names of the Roman roads in Britain are not known due to the lack of written and inscribed sources. Alongside the A140 at Brome is the former Swan Inn. (Bill Thayer's online version). Margary, 1957. Roman Roads in Britain, Codrington, 1903/1918. Despite the lack of any national management of the highways, Roman roads remained fundamental transport routes in England throughout the Early, High and Late Middle Ages.

Stone Street, Margary 36 An important route from Caistor St Edmund to .....?

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