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Here is what you need to know about double the expected life of your hybrid battery. click to subscribe to Torque News Youtube channel for daily automotive news analysis. I know you are asking yourself the same question that I did when I was first learned about this concept. To date best vehicle I’ve ever owned.

The battery is made out of something called Nickel-Metal Hydride or for short NiMH. The reason the cell dies is because of too much internal resistance and you can no longer flow electrons from one side of the battery to the other. I have 170k on my all original 2015 Prius and have only done book maintenance. (952) 426-4798 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Do you know why people began to question it? High voltage is dangerous, and should be treated as such. The sad part is this, very few Prius owners get their battery covered under warranty. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Service Technology from Weber State University. 2001-2009 Prius coolant replacement precautions, Please call for estimates and appointments, Here’s a good thread over at PriusChat about rebuilding a 2nd generation Prius HV battery that shows how tricky it can be, Prius hybrid battery replacement prices | CARspec, Camshaft seal leak on Toyota 4.7 2UZ with VVT – GX470, 4Runner, Tundra, Land Cruiser, LX470, Sequoia quirks and notes, Preventing Prius catalytic converter theft – installing Prius catalyst shield on 2004-2020 Prius, 2010 Toyota Camry – P0012, P0016, cold start rattle – a multi part variable valve timing repair and addressing multiple repairs, GX460 coolant leak – a hidden leak from deep in the engine, GX460 oil leak from timing cover explained, Replacing individual HV/Prius battery cells, Variance in cell voltage and discharge rate can lead to future errors, The age and origin of the new/used modules is unknown, Improper cell balancing will destroy the module casing, causing electrolyte leakage, Individual cell replacement does not address the health and age of other cells, leading to multiple, compounding repair costs. How??? Yeah, you can do that, but ask yourself this question. Shoot me and email I’d be happy to help walk you through the process. Then you can decide if it is right for you. I was able to nurse my failing battery for 2 years/20,000 miles with their system (grid charger and automatic voltage cut-off discharger.)

How batteries fail, and what can be done to repair and maintain them. . Even the brake pads are original. The thing is, most consumers have no idea why their battery fails in the first place or what the symptoms are before failure. How does one determine if the battery is a “good” candidate? The reasons include: CARspec’s rebuilt HV battery supplier Dorman offers a 3-year, unlimited mileage warranty for non-fleet HV batteries, and a 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty on Toyota/Lexus OEM new hybrid batteries. Dorman’s rebuilt batteries also offer a more cost-conscious alternative and solid warranty as well. It is a great read and the owner did a great job fixing the battery (helping the community along the way as well), but CARspec can’t recommend the average owner consider individual module replacement as anything more than a temporary fix for their battery woes. Answers like this are amazing because there is a full explanation of the issue. I am so passionate about hybrid battery maintenance that I am literally, as of this moment in writing flying down to Brazil. Excellent questions let us unpack this. But I would say with 130k yours is a great candidate.

I have been asked to be a guest speaker at an automotive conference, my topic? Peter can be reached on Linkedin and you can tweet him at The_hybrid_guy on Twitter. Thanks.

It is proven to recover and restore capacity in your hybrid battery. You are right. Of course, it would. We both see the value in it. Read about 50% of the article, no answer yet, just got stringed along. I hated it when my truck only gave me 5 minutes of playtime after I charged it for hours on end. The very reputable hybrid shop Luscious Garage in San Francisco had this to say (taken from their blog) regarding 2001-2003 Prius HV battery rebuilding: “Luscious Garage no longer recommends rebuilt battery packs as an alternative for Gen 1 Prius owners looking to save money. He encounters issues with module variance, fellow contributors end up damaging battery components, and all had to purchase specialized charging and monitoring equipment. Luv the car. Now that we have the facts straight there, NiMH does fall victim to voltage depression just not as bad as NiCad batteries, and yes the reason they fail is because of these depressions which is basically the memory effect. Only interested in Hybrid battery longevity. Do some reading on prius chat to fact check this before you shell out money for this scam. Battery capacity is similar to this principle. […] does not offer nor recommend individual module replacements. My Prolong system from Hybrid Automotive was $700. Find me on social media, send me an email, I will gladly explain anything unclear to you about how this system can take care of your Prius or other hybrid vehicles. Looking forward to hearing from you. First, we need to do some science here. There is no explanation of how it works. I am interested. In the linked thread, the owner disassembles and replaces individual modules of his Prius’s battery pack, running into (and figuring out) numerous issues while rebuilding his battery. Just a thought.

A reconditioned battery is about $1k and generally when these batteries fail only a couple individual cells go bad which can be purchased individually from a price of $10-25. The complete system is an easy install of a wiring harness and a weekend recondition on your battery two times a year. After years of experience working for the dealerships, owner John Cleveland set out to start a new kind of shop for Toyota, Lexus and Scion owners unlike any in Minnesota – one that offers a competitive price point, technical prowess, honesty and environmentally friendly practices. If you have read any of my previous articles on hybrid batteries or hybrid battery repair, you already know how critical taking care of your hybrid battery is. The system, once installed, works with your aging battery to help remove the crystal formation/voltage depressions and restore lost capacity. Remember having an RC car as a kid? 4 Important Changes Coming to 2021 Toyota Camry SE. If we were to go and pull the bucket from the river and pour it out, we would have, however, many gallons of water available to us from that bucket. Okay, I get it, silt in the bucket, so now what? DTC 3006: › HV Battery State Of Charge Uneven › HV Battery ECU Detected Voltage Differences Between Blocks 38 Cells (7.2V) Make 19 Blocks (14.4V) Testing HV Battery If you have seen the value already and want to get started, check out this link here that will ensure you will get a kit that fits your Prius. Maybe consider doing the work before being a critic on something you know nothing about. How hard could that be? Of course, you would. and yes do your reading on Prius chat where a ton of Prius owners have and use this equipment and love it. He took what the repair companies were doing and packaged it in a ridiculously simple package that any hybrid owner can use. Visualize a bucket, in a river, filling with water. Hybrids like our Toyota Prius' that use NiMH will get memory effect; it will happen. Still get 47-50 miles per gallon. Where Can I Get This System For My Toyota Prius? This indicates my battery probably needs replacing soon. Quit while ahead and maybe he will write a concise , respectable article next time. How Can The Prolong System Help My Prius? Now we know why our batteries are failing. Of course, it would be. It is the same idea as our Prius traction battery. The vehicle was purchased new in 2012… instagram.com/p/CESD…, We’re happy to announce CARspec is now an authorized retailer and installer of Cat Security catalytic converter anti-theft shields for the 2004-2020 Prius. Knock on wood (forever) but seems ok. Tell me more specifically about this process.

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