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love me as i am turkish series season 4

THe only real positive relationship Havva had was with her sister and her aunt destroyed that. I got through season 1 episode 41 and skipped ahead…it was emotionally draining. Ayshem does experience things differently and seems to live in a more emotional realm than Omer and his friends do. Why o why did the writers kill him off of all people :-(. Omer is tired of Aysem’s moods, but he has no intention to change his tune this time. Yusuf mother was another barracuda. My ending would be Hawa dies – she did not suicide but lost control of the car, loves herself too much to suicide, threatens it like, uses it as a weapon to manipulate others, a personality disorder, Yusuf survives and his marriage with Bade succeeds. How did Anshyem graduate? She already left for blady 5 years without any contact, not again he thought….no ways are you gonna get away from me this time. I appreciate the strong love scenes but always a sad ending..oh my god I watched this movie all day and night and was so disappinted with the ending.. they just have to get together. Screen Writer: Hakan Haksun, Mujdan Kayserli. I loathed Hamiyet. Does it end with havvva and yousef both dying? Even though her character is compelling, she’s not somebody I would want to know in real life. Thoroughly enjoyed this show, with outstanding actors. And bad people always win and good people always suffer. hiiii where can i watch theis drama with englidh subtitled, where can i watch it with arabic language, Your email address will not be published. Many of my friends are equally frustrated & are considering cancelling their subscriptions to Netflix. I love both ,Please give us more of these movies as a continuation on netflix if possible.. Ulvi Alacakaptan as Remzi I just finished episode #110 and OMG REALLY!!! thee were a lot of holes in the stoylines. I researched the show and found there is still season 2 and 3. Altho I agree Murat Unalmis is a dreamboat, not the only one, see Karadayi, Love and Punishment, Filinta and a few others Turkey has a lot of ‘dreamboats’ in the series and movies. The acting was good, although the editing was weird. For what’s worth, this show has too many strands to expect some kind of bearable ending. Of the three, Love is In the Air had the worst translation into English. There needs to be trust and respect between partners if one is the rich, powerful and ambitions and the other one lacks these qualities but was chosen for love. Him and Havva should get married. I don’t mind sad endings at times, especially if they are organic. I know most people did not like the character Havva because of her scheming ways but I couldn’t help but like the character. How mum and dad got to South America when they had no money (and were headed to jail I think?) Omer tells Aysem to apologise to Melda, but Aysem believes she is right. yes I totally agree, and now I know quite a few Turkish words, and I happen to have a Turkish friend so I get to try out a few words which he corrects haha, yes I think Toprak came back because of her relationship did not work out she said, I didn’t fall asleep during that part so got it hahaha, yes the disgusting characters, you love to hate them haha, I am watching another one now, its like 200 episodes, what did I get myself into???? I would take him home anyday. Love Is In The Air.? Aysem's friends set a trap to prevent her and Omer from attending their divorce trial and to force the couple to spend some time alone together. Look at what Hamiyet did to nearly destroy Manuuver and her love for Yigit??? Melda goes on the attack at work and meets with large firms in order to save the company. Trust us. Turkish series are really the best. I liked Turkish series but all their show are cancelled in the middle of story which made no sense at all. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t watch any episodes of “Love is in the Air” after episode 110. What happened between season 2 and 3 of the Turkish drama “Love Me as I Am”? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. She seemed to disappear at the end of Series 3. Evil snake, untrustworthy. Maybe in true life that will happen. When I looked for the name of the actor who played Reyhan’s fiance, there was no reference to him in the list of cast members. Grieving parents journey through an emotional void as they mourn the loss of a child in the aftermath of a tragic school shooting. That Mother, Hamiyet and Aunt are responsible for this whole mess. They were quite good actors. Thank you. I was hopeful that these lovers would come together but no!!!! I get involved emotionally and don’t want to do that to myself. I’m in nyc. Can we get season 2 and 3 on Netflix with English translation. Sevinc admitting she approached Sabri for revenge opens a brand-new era for Mazhar and Reyhan. we need season 2 and season 3 please// when you start a series if you do not have all the seasons lease do not show nit at all. Love Me as I Am (2013) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. If he REALLY loved her so much, why didn’t he get her some mental help and save her from herself ??? I made up my own ending that Haava was in bad shape and Chunet visited her everyday and they became closer. Omer confronts his parents and moves out. is for people with no brains. Don’t watch any American movies . Then they can write a new scenario pffff i would love a new sezon with hava and Yusuf. I enjoyed Haluk, eventually. It is interesting to find out how Turkish series and Turkish culture represented in them are seen from other parts of the world. with tears and. Erkin Koray “Sevince” enjoy ???? Shades of Fatal Attraction.

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