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Lubin Pierre Haitian 1925 - 1999. Reason Joseph, 64th Regiment, Virginia Mounted Infantry, Confederate, Virginia John died 1603 in Cornwall England. Curtis Joseph (born 1967), Canadian ice hockey player

Karl Joseph (born 1993), American football player 1933-38, Co-Chm. and or a fesse embattled of the last massoned sa., in chief a sun in splendour gold. This list of Haitian surnames is from a file of the names of all the registered … John Joseph, New Hampshire, Rank of Private Prosper Joseph, 96th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S.

Oliver Joseph, 3rd Regiment, Iowa Cavalry, Union, Iowa 1939, M.A. and Chm. of Gen. and Ex., II.1907-8. It is also found in Haiti, where 36 percent reside and The United States, where 12 percent reside. Percentage of all salaries earned by bearers: Surnames are taken as the first part of an person's inherited family name, caste, clan name or in some cases patronymic, Heatmap: Dark red means there is a higher occurrence of the name, transitioning to light yellow signifies a progressively lower occurrence. He died March 8, 1784 in Indian River, Sussex, Delaware. It is of English, German, French, Spanish and Jewish cultures. The last name Joseph (Bengali: জোসেফ, Hassaniya-Arabic: ﺟﻮﺯﻑ, Hindi: जोसफ, Marathi: जोसेफ, Oriya: େଯାେସଫ, Tibetan: ཇོ་སེབ་) occurs most in Haiti. Christian Joseph, New York, Rank of Sergeant Cuhl Joseph, 10th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (1st Cavalry Regiment, Wise Legion), Confederate, Virginia Dir. Henry Samuel Joseph married Francis Chapman on Apr.

Approximately 2,132,181 people bear this surname. It is also found in Tanzania, where 23 percent reside and Nigeria, where 20 percent reside. Elinor Joseph (born 1991), Israeli soldier Georg Henrich Joseph, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1751 It may appear as:. Excluding Haiti it is found in 205 countries.

Salomon Jean Baptist Haitian 1920 - 1976.

Joseph, 10th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery, Union, U.S. Their son Joseph was born 1686 in Dublin, Ireland married 1714 in Delaware to Mary who was born 1690. Bazile Joseph, 1st Regiment, Native Guards, Louisiana Militia, Confederate, Louisiana He died 1755 in Indian River, Sussex, Delaware.

Robert Joseph, 81st Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union,     U.S. Thomas H. Joseph, Cass County Home Guard, Missouri Cavalry, Union, Missouri The last name Joseph is predominantly found in Africa, where 52 percent of Joseph live; 27 percent live in East Africa and 25 percent live in Gallo-Caribbean. The amount Jean-Joseph earn in different countries varies greatly.

War Office 1917, Asst Sec. 1946), American rhythm and blues artist For the meaning of this name, see: Jean & Joseph. The last name Joseph ranks 231st in popularity worldwide as of the 2014 Census and approximately 2,197,153 people carry the Joseph surname worldwide. Notables (English) Descendant or son of Joseph (He shall add). The name ranks particularly high in the following six states: New York, Florida, Texas, California, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania. Colored Troops. The Suffolk Regt., only son of John Dean of White Lodge, Colchester, Essex.

Jack Joseph, 96th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Japanese Names. 4) Francis L’Estrange, created a Baronet 1942. It can also be rendered as: Josepĥ or Joséph. In Italy they earn 51.14% less than the national average, earning €14,672 per year; in Norway they earn 19.99% less than the national average, earning 276,898 kr per year; in Peru they earn 52.99% more than the national average, earning S/. 1915, Capt, 5th Bn. He died 1729 in St. Marys, Maryland.

R.A. 1940-46, hon. Dir.

Lionel Joseph, 72nd Regiment, New York Infantry, Union, New York Mookencheril Cherian Joseph (1887–1981), Indian rationalist Joseph Francis Joseph, Tucker’s Regiment, Confederate Infantry, Confederate, Confederate Troops Airways 1936-39, Acting Chm. Colored Troops Kareem Joseph (footballer born 1983), footballer from Trinidad and Tobago A common surname among the Jews, but not confined to that nation. Further information may be obtained by. The first known record of the surname is that of ‘Josephus of London’ being recorded in the 1086 Domesday Book. Baby Name Generator ... Haiti. Colored Troops Their Children were: Jane, Ralph, John, Thomas, Pentecosta, Joseph, and Blandina. Bonaventure Joseph, who settled in America around 1658 Sir Samuel George Joseph, 1st Bt., of 2 Connaught Place, W2; educated at City of London School, D.L. Service 1917, Dep. ignore name meanings: keywords from the name meanings are ignored. may also be a first name. Yvon Joseph (born 1957), Haitian basketball player, American Revolution Veterans William Joseph married Ann Elizabeth Onge on Feb. 11, 1847 in Kilclooney, Galway, Ireland Josephson is recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of Cambridge for the year 1332 when John Josepsone is so recorded 10, 1864 in Templemore, Londonderry, Ireland Joseph Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History, Joseph Settlers in America in the 17th & 18th Centuries, Joseph Settlers in Australia in the 19th Century, Joseph Settlers in New Zealand in the 19th Century, Get a JPG image that can be opened on any device, You'll receive a high-res detailed Coat of Arms, We'll send you an email with a download link in a few seconds. Lewis Joseph, 97th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union,     U.S. Dir.

The surname Jean-Joseph is more commonly found in France than any other country/territory. Colored Troops vers. The frequency of Joseph has changed over time. Charles Joseph, American Democrat politician, Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Kansas, 1960

20, 1865 in Londonderry, Parish of Templemore, Ireland.

It can also be rendered as: Josepĥ or Joséph. Hezekiah Joseph, 3rd Regiment, Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade, Union, Maryland Lesley Joseph (born 1946), British actress Victor Haitian 1926 - 1988. Evan Joseph, 187th Regiment, Ohio Infantry, Union, Ohio of British Industries 1935-36, Pres. Soc. Dagworthy D. Joseph, 3rd Regiment, Delaware Infantry, Union, Delaware The price of the product changes after adding at least one to the cart. The name statistics are still in development, sign up for information on more maps and data. Squire Joseph, 109th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Sir Francis (L’Estrange) Joseph, 1st Bt., K.B.E., of Stoke-on-Trent, County of Stafford; educated at Caledonian School Liverpol and left at age of 12 to become a railway messenger, later achieving success in business as a colliery proprietor; Chm. Ezechiel Joseph, Saint Lucian politician Tam Joseph (born 1947), British painter originally from Dominica It derived from the Hebrew Yosef may He (God) add (another son), so basically ‘god may add to’ is a rough translation. For other potential spellings of this surname click here. Peter Joseph, New York, Rank of Inlis Click here for other possible spellings of this surname. (8,631,678) Louis Joseph, LaFourche Regiment, Louisiana Militia, Confederate, Louisiana ... D'haiti Didier Didus Dieu Dieubon Dieudonne Dieujuste Dieu-Juste Dieuve Difficile Digacin Dimanche Dinterieur Dirette Divers Divert Dizestil Doccy Docteni Docteur Doirain Doirin ... Jean-Joseph Jean-Julien Jean-Juste Jean … Joseph Settlers in America in the 17th & 18th Centuries

Linval Joseph (born 1988), American football player Will Joseph, (1877–1959) Welsh rugby union player sponsored co. Meaning, Origin, Etymology Sylvester Joseph (born 1978), Antiguan cricketer Oscar Joseph, 73rd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Early American Immigration and New World Settlers Umfridus, the son of Josep is recorded in the Curia Regis rolls of Hertfordshire in the year 1205 Creation ~ Baronet (U.K.), July 8, 1942. It means: God gives and doubles, God increases. Oxford 1946; Common Councilman of City of London for Ward of Portsoken 1946; Alderman for Ward of Portsoken 1946; Liveryman of the Vintners’ Co., and Underwriting member of Llyods 1944; Licentiate of the Insitute of Builders 1947; served in World War II 1939-45, as Capt. Kareem Joseph (footballer born 1985), footballer from Grenada LXIII, fol.’ 37. Peter Joseph, 7th Regiment, Louisiana Infantry (Colored), Union, Louisiana Colored Troops and barry wavy of ten az. Aaron Joseph, Massachusetts, Rank of Private For valour in behalf of our country. Grantees

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