how to give homeopathic pellets to cats

There is no one method that will suit every cat, owners will need to determine which is best for their cat. No change: If you see no apparent change, give the remedy for at least 7 days before calling me to report. Should I leave the heating on for my cat? Here the discharge is watery and irritating to the nose and lip, and lots of it! This can then be offered in a cleared bowl. Belladonna 6. I just want him to be as comfortable as he can for the next couple days before I can bring him in. This potentizes the remedy and the number of succussions increases the potency. [Note: This should not be the dropper from the remedy bottle, but a separate clean glass dropper.]. Get news and updates delivered directly to your inbox. Response to Treatment If, at any time, you are not confident that your pet is responding favorably to the treatment, please call for clarification. Indoor or outdoor cat? Do not store remedies in the kitchen No food is to be given for 20 minutes before or after the treatment. This is an approximate time frame, and may vary depending on the response of your pet to the remedy I've prescribed. The pellets need not be swallowed, and it doesn't matter if a few of them are spit out. Homeopathic Pills can be different sizes depending on where you buy them from.

Of course, these are all general instructions Drop the liquid directly into the animal's mouth or on the gums (after evaporating the alcohol). instructions I give you. In this article you will find information on treating your cat and further sources of information that is available from reputable homeopathic practitioners. (Don't worry- this doesn't happen very often, and is usually mild.). Hepar sulphuris 12. in an appropriate location where they will You can increase the number of succussions to make the remedy stronger. While it is typically given orally, several homeopathic gels and ointments containing Arnica can be applied topically. This Helios Pet Kit contains 24 remedies to cover the most common ailments and it comes with a little booklet with a guide to the remedies and ailments. Do not expose your pet to any form of camphor while on homeopathic treatment. At the first sign of a cold, recognised by several sneezes from your cat, this remedy is the one to be given to your cat. It can be very beneficial if your cat is given this remedy during teething at about four months onwards as it will encourage the healthy growth of strong permanent teeth. Worse: If there appears to be an adverse reaction or 'aggravation' (worsening of an existing symptom, or the development of a new symptom) stop giving the remedy and call me for clarification. The success of the treatment depends heavily on the accuracy and detail of your observations so that I can correctly interpret your pet's response to the remedy. If you want to get started with homeopathic treatment for your feline, you will need a basic homeopathy kit for pets which will give you basic remedies for treating common ailments.

Instructions Be careful not to expose the remedy to any strong odors, such as perfumes, scented hand lotions, incense, cigarette smoke, and especially any form of camphor (tiger balm, Vick's, White Flower, Ben-Gay, etc.). Shirley has been using homeopathic remedies on the dogs in her shelter since 2005, and she co-authored the book Green Healing: Dog and Cat Edition.

for Homeopathic Treatment by the 50 Millesimel Swirl or stir vigorously with the cleared spoon for about 30 seconds. Pour onto a teaspoon or if you have a syringe, draw up 1-2 cc’s and drop onto your pet’s tongue. That is, of course, unless the symptoms are so severe as to require more immediate measures.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. He was one of the few veterinary surgeons to use homeopathic medicines wholly and exclusively. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that heals by “energy” rather than chemicals.

and is it safest to make some in water ( tap filtered water?) It is important to store homeopathic remedies Why do cats / kittens climb curtains? In the summertime I keep a spray bottle with arnica mixed in and use it to spray on any injured or stunned birds that accidentally hit my window. So, when I usually give it 2 succussions when first giving a remedy. Shirley will contact you directly. The most common way to provide an individual dose of medicine from a multi-dose vial is to remove the lid and pour enough pellets into it to make a single layer covering the bottom. Do not touch the remedy. [*Alternate method of administration: Rinse a clean glass bowl in very hot water.

In my practice I used the very tiny #15 sized pellets which are so small they stick to a cat or dogs gums and they can’t spit them out so they have to melt. We hate spam.

For example, if your cat has a 'cold', note whether there is a discharge from the nose, and/or from the eyes; whether it is on both sides or only on one side; the color and consistency of the discharge; whether there is sneezing, and so forth. Shirley will contact you directly with information. (LM) System. After a minute or two, empty the glass and turn it upside down to drain on a clean cloth or paper towel, along with the spoon, and wait for them to cool. or worse at a particular time of day,

Signs of an ear canal inflammation include your cat shaking her head and constantly scratching behind her ears. You will be making a fresh dilution for each treatment.

water consumption, appetite, bowel movements, The liquid in the bottle should foam up for a moment. Remedy, Instructions

Should I let my cat outside at night? If this article has been useful, you may find the following articles of interest: Natural and alternative healing for cats  – an introductory guide, Bach Rescue Remedy for Cats – and other useful Flower remedies for cats, Reiki for cats: everything you need to know.

Having seen it work on little humans I then became curious as to whether it would work on animals and in particular, on cats. hi shirley

This remedy is best if symptoms displayed are a red and swollen eyelid but not inflamed around the eye, discharge is yellow green pus after a few days. Keep the paper envelope in a sealed plastic bag to protect it from humidity. Hi Janice, When giving a homeopathic remedy to yourself, you tap one or two of the dry homeopathic pellets directly in your mouth and dissolve on your tongue. Hi Pat, This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Any mucous membrane will absorb a remedy. (LM) System, General Guidelines for Homeopathic Treatment. However, observing the animal’s behaviour and how it reacts to situations, for example to noises, other animals, to humans, etc. You can get it at a number of places, even at Amazon: http://amzn.to/2vuKrVY. There is usually little benefit in continuing daily treatment with a low potency daily beyond three weeks. For cats that are a little more difficult when it comes to taking medicine, the remedy can be mixed into their food or milk. Here at HomeoAnimal, we deliver remedies in their liquid form for faster absorption and effectiveness. Store remedies in a cool dark place, away from strong-smelling substances such as eucalyptus, camphor, oil of cloves, Vick’s vapor rub and aromatherapy oils.

This may alter or neutralize the remedy, and could possibly affect you as if you had taken it yourself. It is the frequency of treatment and the potency of the remedy that is important. The fridge is okay. This method may be used if you find it difficult to administer the remedy by the first method.]. Remedies also come in various potencies. Allium cepa 3.

He gets his rabies vaccination soon and was wondering if giving him a dose of Lyssin is safe and will not interfere with his prescription meds. Learn how your comment data is processed. ; whether a symptom seems to be better

Heavy discharge from nose, tears, cough which are all worse when cat comes indoors. and the lyme nosode- just give him the pill or dissolve that in water too? In fact, the number of pellets given per treatment makes no difference whatsoever. What homeopathic remedy is best for colds in cats? Your email address will not be published. Recommended for severe inflammation. Be careful not to spill the remedy.

for Homeopathic Treatment, How Long to Give the pressure, etc. Hi Kathleen, or in a medicine cabinet. Homeopathy for Your Cat: Remedies for Common Feline Ailments – by H.G. It is not a good idea, therefore, to keep them in the bathroom. List Your School or Practice in Our Business Directory, Holistic Animal Health Online Classes and Distance Learning Programs. Pulsatilla 4. will compensate for the lack of communication by speech. Homeopathy is a unique form of medicine, Quincy former name was Yeller; ID 3637. Storage and handling is also important—as these remedies can lose their potency when not handled correctly. Having seen positive results my interest in the subject grew and  I now often used homeopathy as an option for treating myself and my children with minor issues such as teething, sleeplessness etc. 10 Ideas For Marketing Your Animal Massage Business, Doing Massage At An Event – Checklist For What To Bring, Copyright © 2014 Animal Wellness Guide - All Rights Reserved | News Theme | Built on the Genesis Framework. But this is nothing more than a sugar pellet with the remedy sprayed on it.

Discard the remaining contents of the glass or bowl. in certain types of weather, or from rest/exercise, George Macleod was one of the world’s foremost authorities on the homeopathic treatment of animals. Allium cepa 3. The arnica plant, Arnica montana is an alpine plant, related to the common daisy, grow­s in meadows up to 3,000 metres above sea level, where it is exposed to strong sunlight.

Homeopathic remedies can be purchased in a 30 C potency at a good health food store. Shirley says that mixing remedies is not advised because some remedies antidote others.

Calcarera phosphoricum. It’s important not to mix into your pet’s food as it will hinder the effectiveness of the remedy. Listed below are some of the more common problems and illnesses that your cat may suffer with and how they may be treated with homeopathy. He just had a mass removed from his neck.

This is the remedy for local inflammation and Belladonna is used for tonsillitis in humans too! Alternately, you can put the remedy into glass bottle containing 4 oz. Six feet is far enough from a refrigerator or microwave, 2-4 feet from smaller appliances, and perhaps a foot from a clock radio. I first discovered homeopathy when seeking alternative options for an on-going minor health problem that I had. In the case of the amber glass vial, use the cap of the vial to drop the pellets onto your pet's tongue. My dog Quincy is a former Save A Dog . How much to give: Each time you treat your pet, give approximately 10-20 of the tiny (#10) pellets in the small paper envelope (high potencies) or amber glass vial (low potencies). and homeopathic remedies are very different etc. dog or cat, there are certain guidelines

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