does tiktok tell you who viewed your profile 2020

some of the new tiktok users are a beginner in the video creator section and they don,t know how to handle their account so follow these easy steps to enable ‘Allow to others to find me’. That’s just human nature! TikTok used to show you who had viewed your profile, but it does not do so anymore. Simply open your TikTok app, tap the notification icon, then tap on where it says “viewed your profile.” From there, you’ll be taken to a list of all of the accounts that have tapped on your profile, either by searching for you specifically, seeing your videos organically on their For Your Page, or tapping on your username on a comment, caption, or tag in another video. If you don’t want random people to be able to find your account for whatever reason, you can put your TikTok account in private mode. As you can no longer see who visited your account, this means that other people will not receive notifications when you view their account. While you can see the total views of a TikTok video, TikTok does not provide a list of every person who has watched it. there you can see the number of video views.

You can rest assured that other people will not know that you viewed their profile on TikTok.

so with tiktok you can record up to 1-minute video clip and upload on tiktok then many people will watch your video and you have a good chance to grow up and make your own fans.

Even if you’ve never had a video go viral, there’s a small part of you that gets a rush when you see people are actually watching something you created. so there is no way officially and unofficially to view who viewed my tiktok video. While you cannot see who visited your profile these right now, the feature could be re-added to TikTok at some stage in the future. Here you will see a notification confirming your profile.


To see the number of people that have viewed them, you can open up the TikTok app, tap on your profile picture and then go to your account.

so on other social accounts, they show you only visitor count but on the tiktok app, you can also see visitor names.

However, the number of profile views and visitors can be seen. so in your profile section, you can see the number of views on how many people see your videos also your followers also can see how many people watch your video.

As of June 2020, TikTok does not show you who viewed your account. You do not get a notification if someone has viewed your profile on TikTok.

so you really want to rank your video easily on tiktok then you really need my secret method this method is 101% working and not dangerous for your profile. If it does come back, we’d assume that it will work as it used to. Keeping tabs on who has been visiting your profile is a good way to see your reach and how it changes over time. so open someone famous person account related to your category and follow their followers then many people will follow you back. You can easily see who has viewed your profile right from the notification bar. Maybe your crush is totally obsessed with your videos!

Below, therefore, we’ve included the steps you need to follow to see who has looked at your TikTok account: This process used to show you a list of accounts that viewed your TikTok profile in the last two days. when you create your account your account is not public for all it,s private you need to enable this setting. Welcome to the new GameRevolution community platform. if you really want to rank your video then use these tags Best, How To Get On TikTok ForYou Page [Beat Algorithm], 5000+ Best TikTok Names & Usernames Ideas For Boys+Girls, 1500+ Best UserNames & Names For PUBG, COD, COC & Clan, 4000+ Best Wifi Names [Cool, Funny & Clever SSID], 520+ Fortnite Names – Cool, Funny, Good & Epic (Not Taken), 664+ Best Kahoot Names [Clever, Dirty, Funny].

so there is no way officially and unofficially to view.

so if you are a big account with too many followers then this is not easy for you to check who views your profile because it,s not easy to watch thousands of people, so everyone knows tiktok is a big and popular video-sharing app in the internet market. fam can you see exactly who views your videos on tiktok asking for a friend. If the option to see who viewed your TikTok account comes back, it should work in a similar way.

so this article is about “Who Viewed My Profile on TikTok” we cover all things in this article I hope our article will helpful for you if you have some questions? Unfortunately, TikTok doesn’t tell you how many times or how often each person has visited your profile. Still, some knowledge is better than none, right? The best thing to do if you’re really trying to make an impression is probably to just keep making content and putting it out there. The only way to know if someone is visiting your profile often is if they do it several times over a longer time period. in the tiktok app right corner, click on more options.

Even if you’ve never had a video go viral, there’s a small part of you that gets a rush when you see people are actually watching something you created.

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