can you get back from mexico without a passport 2019

Any US citizen can present themselves at a US border crossing without a passport and should be granted entry (after thorough checks and questioning). May Driving across borders – If you’re crossing the border by land, you’ll need one of the following forms of identification to regain entry to the US after your stay: Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL)- Currently, only a small number of states offer Enhanced Driver’s Licenses. Your visitors permit will generally be granted for a 180 day stay. A US passport card is not acceptable. In the event you don’t have the opportunity beforehand, you’ll be able to handle these documentation requirements once you land in Mexico and before you’re required to show your travel documents and leave the airport. Unfortunately, a few months ago, I lost my passport while I was in Mexico. While it’s always a good idea to have an up to date passport book with at least six months’ validity and some blank pages when you travel, crossing the border into Mexico isn’t the headache that some countries requiring air travel and an expensive visa are. As of 2009, entry into Mexico requires a passport book or card. There is a 35 KM free zone once entering the country, and for this area you will not be required to hold a visitors permit. 2018 Although you won’t be denied entry to the United States, you will be taken out of line to be interviewed by US Customs and Border Patrol officers. you can get by with just a state issued ID, DMV Closure Information – Obtaining Licenses During the Pandemic, Applying for Your Real ID Online – Current Real ID Updates, The Top Genealogy Sites for Your Family Tree Research, VitalChek Processing Times Explained – VitalChek Videos, How To Correct Or Change A Birth Certificate, The Quickest Way to Obtain a Birth Certificate, Documentation Station: What You Need to Order a Birth Certificate Today, How to Change or Modify Your Birth Certificate. You're not getting on a plane or driving across the border without a passport. Well, first, that's not easy.

You should not worry. Somewhat concerned about my situation, I was worried that I would not be allowed to cross back into the United States. If traveling by air, you’ll need a US Passport to enter Mexico. However, this rarely happens because in order to get to a US immigration checkpoint, one must pass through the exit point of a foreign nation; you may be able to enter the US without a passport, but you can’t pass through the Mexican side of the border, nor will you be allowed to board a flight. You still have the same name that was in your old passport (or you can legally document your name change). Whether you’re headed to Mexico for business or travel, we here at VitalChek wish you the very best time south of the border! Your return to the US will be delayed until the officials are … America’s neighbors, including Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean islands, do not necessarily require one to carry a passport book or card.

The fee associated with the visitors permit is about US $22. Visiting an embassy or consulate will allow you to report your old passport lost or stolen (bring a police report if you know your documents have been stolen), and be issued a replacement. Living in a border town, so close to Mexico, it is not unusual to cross to Mexico to visit friends or family. Do you have any questions about traveling to Mexico without a passport? Since the US is on Mexico’s “no visa required” list, the documentation required to travel in Mexico is fairly easy to obtain. When traveling to Mexico by car, you have a few options when it comes to ID.

If you’re arriving in Mexico by any other means of transportation, simply inquire about the forms necessary at your port of entry or border crossing. I made my way back to the border and explained to the CBP (customs border protection) officer what had occurred. The short answer is yes. All rights reserved. If you can show one of the required documents, you should be able to come back with no issues. Overstaying your permit will result in mandatory fines that you’ll need to pay in order to leave Mexico. Generally, the best option if you find your passport has been lost or stolen abroad is to contact the nearest US embassy or consulate. Passport. Standard passport book replacements can take a few weeks in some cases to be processed, as they are usually intended for US citizens living in the country. I found this link to be very helpful because it stated all the accepted documents we can present on our way back to the United States. Can you come back to the US from Mexico without a passport? How to Determine if Your Birth Certificate is Official, Save On Shipping Costs When Ordering Vital Records from VitalChek.com, Packing Light for Winter Travel | Heavy Snow & Light Suitcases, How To Get a Copy of Your Birth Certificate. Travel to Mexico is fairly simple when it comes to necessary documentation and accommodations but be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to obtain passports, certified copies of birth certificates and any other important documents before your trip.

I never had a U.S. passport to cross into Mexico, but a few years ago we were advised that we would be required to have a valid passport at some point. Do you want a company that can handle any problem in your visa and passport application process, whether your travel plans require you to be abroad in under 24 hours or you have weeks to prepare? Living in a border town, so close to Mexico, it is not unusual to cross to Mexico to visit friends or family. Travel Visa Pro prides itself on providing excellent customer service, privacy and security, and speed when helping our clients. Categories: originating in and returning to the US on the same trip, a state-issued driver’s license can be enough. Mexico travel requirements based on means of transportation: Arriving via cruise line or boat – If you’re plan is to board a boat and set sail to Mexico for a long stay, travel to Mexico from the US will require the same forms of ID as traveling there by land. To travel to Mexico by air and land requires very similar documents, but there are more options to those that are traveling by land or sea. It’s important to keep in mind that requirements are different depending on your form of travel. ALL of this must be true, in order for you to renew by mail. In some cases, you will be able to fill out this paperwork at the check in counter before you board your flight. I was allowed to come back to the States, and did that several times while I waited for the new passport, which arrived without any problems.

While there was a time that a US birth certificate was an acceptable form of documentation and proof of residency, border crossings into Mexico have become a bit more involved in the last few decades. While showing your state issued driver’s license used to be sufficient to gain entry into Mexico, that is no longer the case. These requirements vary depending on the purpose of your visit to Mexico.

I visited the site and found the page where it states what documents are accepted to cross back to the U.S. whether it’s by land, sea or air.

I would show my passport and I was allowed to return with no incidents.

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