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Boating or kayaking gives you easy access to some great little beaches past St Georges Head, as well as some stunning views of the sea cliffs as you pass Cape St George lighthouse.

Although technically it falls part of the…, So you’re looking for free camping Gold Coast. Booderee National Park is ideal for bird watching (should you ever want to see a Tawny Frogmouth or two), whale watching, fishing, hiking, kayaking, swimming and diving. media_camera

Camping space is served up on a first-in-first-served basis and in peak summer, the campgrounds are allocated by ballot. What an amazing opportunity this is, to camp for free and take inn the sounds of the forest and the crashing waves as you go to your slumber. If unzipping your tent and having front row seats to watching the sunrise over the ocean sounds like your kind of jam, you’ll definitely want to hit up Diamond Head. Free beach camping in NSW must be a thing of the past as there are little to no locations to do this. Image: www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au.

The only drawback, in this case, buy the sounds of it, this does not seem to be suitable for anyone with a caravan or trailer. And there is no shortage of amenities with the Patonga campsite, which means access to electric BBQs (because there’s nothing worse than uncooked sausages), hot showers, a laundromat, tennis court hire and a nearby fish and chip shop (for when you burn the sausages). If you’re after some camping with total privacy and a view to boot, Berrima Reserve brings you the whole package. You’ll get to set yourself up in the middle of a pine plantation with walking tracks, bike riding tracks and serious 4x4 driving tracks close by too. Camping with kids at Saltwater Creek is a true pleasure. No doubt you’ll be asking yourself “is this even real life?” when you cast your eyes on the epic scenery you’ll score from ditching the glam of hotels for the adventure and solitude of camping. Best of all, this camping spot is pretty cheap too. Only a short walk to the beach and the bush, you’ve got your daytime activities sorted, which, if it isn't too chilly, will definitely involve snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters. Now, don’t expect wifi, room service or cute chocolates left on your pillows; but do expect early morning swims, no crowds, the sunrise from your tent, wildlife—and doing your business in a bush. Visiting these communities and spending tourism dollars is a great way to help. If you’re after pristine, uninterrupted views that kind of look like you spent all your dosh and jetted off to the Maldives… this one’s for you. Pitch a tent right near The Basin lagoon, famous for its picnic spots, picture-perfect views and turquoise water. Image credit: Jonathan Forage, NSW National Parks.

NSW beach The 2019-20 camping season has been tough for many communities in Australia. Just a short drive up to the Central Coast, The Putty Beach campground (located in the national park) is just a few steps away from the sandy shores and still feels like a bush camping spot.

Brou Lake campground as the name suggests is nestled between Lake Brou and the ocean, specifically Jemisons Beach. Ideal for a family camping holiday, Depot Beach Campground in Murramarang National Park just 200km south of Sydney is a well-equipped option that is just a stone's throw from the beach. communities in Australia. Cue a beach on one side and a creek to explore on the other. communities. For some contrast, you will also find the huge eucalypts as part of the forest which are also breathtaking. Wake-up to the incredible surrounds of Bouddi National Park, which means the sounds of wildlife and a helluva lot of greenery. 1. It is located in Bodalla which ins on the far south coast of NSW. We will never get sick of epic camping locations right on the beach. Those looking to escape life as we know it will feel at home in this incredible location. By using our website, you accept our use of cookies. We use cookies (om nom nom nom) to provide a better online experience, including to serve targeted ads. Apparently, in the springtime, the wildflowers are spectacular.

Find campsites Australia-wide, easy & free. There are numerous modern amenities servicing our camping sites. If you’re after some wilderness we’ve got it, if you want some beach action, we’ve got that too. We have looked for a mix of different experiences. This is one of Sydney’s most popular beach camping spots and for a damn good reason too. Honeymoon Bay campground is set in a picturesque location in Jervis Bay. It’s only a rock-toss distance to the beach so you’ll fall asleep listening to the sounds of the crashing waves and wonder if this is what heaven sounds like.​. You get two for the price of one at Patonga. It’s time to head west and rough it out (AKA bring your own everything) at the Jenolan State Forest camping ground. Head down to Mimosa Rocks National Park for the one place that will actually make you hit the pause button on your life problems. Coledale is the ultimate spot to live on the beach for a few days, with a heap of water sports and activities to do, plus dolphins and whales make regular visits year-round. For more information see our privacy and information policy. Thankfully the site itself is also friendly to both caravans, camper trailers and of course tents. On the side, mobile coverage exists at this campground, meaning your Stories should go through most of the time.

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