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The Resolution, which I crafted and sponsored with Council President Gonzalez and Councilmember Juarez, was adopted unanimously by the Council in July. Additionally, our Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs has been translating and sharing information on COVID-19 in several languages. SPACEBAR resumes the slideshow. The City Council has several more meetings to dive into our Police Budget.

We also need a better understanding of how the changes proposed in this legislation, combined with the accelerated attrition (loss) of police officers, will impact response times from our police department and our ability to adhere to the consent decree for police reforms. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. This is part of the “re-imagining” process: to explore how it may be more effective for everyone (including police officers) if professionals other than traditional officers are often called to prevent or respond to certain urgent situations, such as a mental health crisis.

Especially during the pandemic, access to the internet has become a fundamental way people participate in society and this shift may have longer term impacts on how and where we conduct business, attend school, and participate in civic life. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) continues to assess whether to repair or replace the closed West Seattle High Bridge (WSB). All of the Fund’s architects are women with long histories of supporting Washington’s Black community. For my amendment to restore (increase) funding for BIPOC-led organizations, CLICK HERE. I hope you’ll join me at a virtual town hall to discuss the Mayor’s budget, its impacts on District 4, and to voice your priorities for our city government budget process. I reached out to Nikkita Oliver, social justice leader and former mayoral candidate. Together we can make even more progress. CLICK HERE to read the resolution and HERE to read a statement from Dr. Tuttle in support of it.

There are many articles de-mystifying this term and I provide a few examples below. Moratoria on evictions are currently in place through the rest of 2020 at both the city and federal levels. Ballots must be postmarked by November 3 or returned to a drop box by 8:00 pm that day. Mr. Westneat writes, “My two cents, as someone who lives in Sawant’s 3rd District, is that Sawant’s penchant for grandiose, activist stunts hardly comes as a news flash to the people. Please read on and check my blog for more updates.

The Friends of Christie Park, formed by the Taiwanese American Community in Greater Seattle, provided the funding for the “Explorer Voyage” art piece by Paul Sorey.

For a news article on the event, CLICK HERE. I definitely believe we should reconsider the dollars previous City Councils approved to obtain and maintain military-style weapons in our city. You can read their article at THIS LINK. 7120 introduced by Congresswoman Karen Bass, Democrat from California and supported by our own Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal. CROWD CONTROL: Mayor Durkan requested accountability organizations to produce additional recommendations to update crowd control techniques previously approved by consent decree monitor and federal judge. It is published HERE. I was pleased to hear the details of the Internet for All Seattle report at my Committee, including the Gap Analysis and Action Plan presentation at my Transportation & Utilities Committee on Wednesday, September 16; the recording of the presentation is available on the Seattle Channel.

By personally walking every block of Seattle's District 4 (in all 20 neighborhoods), I connected directly with thousands of residents this year and listened carefully to their concerns. Mayor Durkan’s office will transmit her proposed 2021 budget to City Council in late September (both operating and capital).

Council Bill 119867 and Council Bill 119868 have few policy details, totaling only a few pages in length. No matter how much we adjust the size of our police force, we will still have a police force and we need to make sure the reforms are not only preserved but also expanded. Based on constituent feedback, I submitted several requests for potential amendments to the budget, including more maintenance of our city’s aging bridges, more protection for our trees in our Emerald City, more transparency for the expensive pension benefits for City government, and more data on police response times. “Vital for transit, freight and our regional economy, bridges require relatively large investments to build and maintain to ensure they remain safe for generations.

Go to 3:34:43 (3 hours, 34 minutes, and 43 seconds into the listening session with community members, the Mayor’s Office/Police Chief, and police accountability officials). Minneapolis Councilmember Jeremiah Ellison told us “I’ve had my disagreements with the Mayor; I’ve been public about them. The passionate surge has been sustained and their demands have been specific and consistent. … I ask you: What will you do to make sure we sustain this movement? At the same time, you are asked to do too much.

That includes the $1.5 billion General Fund, Seattle City Light, Seattle Public Utilities, and transportation and other capital projects. Sign up begins two hours prior to the meeting start time. Let’s reinvest the millions of dollars in pay raises to invest further in BIPOC communities. Drop music and videos into the areas below.

My blog also provides details of this historic issue of revamping public safety and the various votes and events stretching back to May. I appreciate former Council President and Mayor Tim Burgess (my former boss) and former monitor of the federal Consent Decree Merrick Bobb for their recent editorial calling for needed state reform.

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