a food handler who fails to report illness to the person in charge could cause a

Get as many details as you can from the client, including if possible a copy of the check so you can pinpoint food items served, time served and so on. Location • Require a host to live and reproduce Source • Seafood, wild game, and food processed with contaminated water, such as produce Prevention • Purchase food from approved, reputable suppliers • Cook food to required minimum internal temperatures • Fish that will be served raw or under-cooked, must be frozen correctly by the manufacturer. Policies that require food workers to tell managers when they are sick.

must report their illness to the person-in-charge. • The virus is often transferred to food when infected food handlers touch food or equipment with fingers that have feces on them. • Only handle food with equipment and utensils approved for food service use. The person in charge of a food establishment may choose to accompany the health inspector during an inspection in order to. written release from a medical practitioner and approval from the regulatory authority before returning to work . Restaurant managers and food-safety programs should consider urging restaurants to create. To build a crisis-management team program: • Create a crisis-management team • Prepare for different types of crisis • Tailored to you operation • Test your plan and make sure it addresses – Preparation, Response and Recovery. The aw scale ranges from 0.0 to 1.0.

• Only use chemicals approved for use in food service operations. then grow in the intestines and cause illness.

• Food, water, or any contaminated surface. This will help protect customers from getting sick. • Keep MSDS current, and make sure they are accessible to staff at all times. Where is it allowable for food handlers to eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum or tobacco? Some molds, however can produce harmful toxins.

• Once eaten, it produces toxins in the intestines, which cause the illness. In designated areas away from food prep areas. Please click this link to view the course. • Contamination can happen in many places • Contaminants can cause food-borne illness or result in physical injury • Contaminants are found in the animals we use for food, the air, water, dirt, and occur naturally in food, such as bones in fish • Food can be contaminated on purpose • Most food is contaminated accidentally • Examples of accidental contamination include: food handlers who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom, and then contaminate food and surfaces with feces from their finger; food handlers who pass contaminants through illness. The key to protecting food is to make it as difficult as possible for tampering to occur by addressing all potential Human, Interior and Exterior elements in your operation. Gloves do not need to be worn when ___________. • Document all information with a food-borne-illness incident report form and train staff to use it. Bacteria are found everywhere and under favorable conditions, they can reproduce very rapidly if FAT TOM conditions are right. • Flies can also transfer the bacteria from feces to food. If the food handler has a sore throat with a fever.... -restict them from working, exclude them from operation. A food handler should be excluded from the operation if he or she has __________. Food handlers diagnosed with an illness from Hepatitis A or Norovirus must not work in an, • Purchase food from approved, reputable suppliers, • Cook food to required minimum internal temperatures, • Fish that will be served raw or under-cooked, must be frozen correctly by the manufacturer, • Some molds and mushrooms produce toxins, • Throw out moldy food, unless mold is a natural part of the food, • Purchase mushrooms from approved, reputable suppliers, • Naturally occur in certain plants, mushrooms, and seafood.

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